Become an Official

Every parent starts somewhere in Athletics, as a helper at Ginninderra Athletics, a spotter, a recorder or as a timekeeper.

Officating is a very rewarding experience. Not only do you get to witness some exciting and enthralling athletic performances from a box seat position, but you get to greet and meet some great athletes, mentor and encourage fresh talent, as well as make new friends and give back to the community and/or simply supporting your own family.

There is also a pathway for Officials from the Grass Track of Ginninderra Athletics, to weekly Red Track meets at the AIS, National Competitions and International Competitions.

The professionalism of the sport of Officiating is also maturing and just like in other codes with their Referees, some accredited Officials are being financially rewarded for their service to the sport.

Education and Support

Ginninderra Athletics Officials Recognition Scheme

Ginninderra Athletics recognises the contribution and efforts of its technical officials at the end of each season.

Officials will be recognised for their service at 8 or more days of athletics meets in the summer and winter each year. A meet includes any AACT or LAACT Winter or Summer meet.

If a meet is held over multiple days, each day counts individually. For example, if an official officiates each day at the AACT Combined Events Championships, this would count as 2 days.

Attendance will be recorded from the sign on sheets at each meet.

Recognition tiers:

  • Bronze (8 meets) is recognised by giftcard or other similar award as determined by Ginninderra Athletics Officials Coordinator;
  • Silver (15 meets) is recognised by movie vouchers or other similar award as determined by Ginninderra Athletics Officials Coordinator; and
  • Gold (20+ meets) is acknowledged with a recognition of service award.

The recognition scheme awards will be acknowledged at the conclusion of the Summer Series ending March each year.

Officials Levels

The athletics specific officials levels are:

  • Ginninderra Athletics Club – AAOES Level 1
  • State Level Official – AAOES Level 2
  • National Level Official – AAOES Level 3

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