Traffic Marshal

While there are Course Markers at 1.5km and 2km uTurns, a Course Traffic Marshal is required inside the Underpass near the light pole to direct runners the right direction as they come back through the tunnel.

  • Runners in the 1.5km and the 2km routes return the same way they went out and go “Left” out of the tunnel (following the yellow line below);
  • On the first lap, all other runners (3km, 4km and 5km) go “Right” out of the tunnel (following the red line below);
  • 3km runners on their second lap follow the green line and do not go through the tunnel a second time;
  • 4km runners go through the tunnel but do a uTurn at 1.5km and return back to the start along the yellow;
  • 5km runners do two full laps of the course in a figure eight;

All Runners wear a Sticky Label to their uniform to determine their event (race distance).

This label is clearly visible and helps in marshalling the athletes at uTurns or back through the Underpass by the Traffic Marshal.

Cross Country Instructions

Place Judge – Cross Country