Event Chief – Jumps

The Event Chief, sometimes called the Chief Judge or the Big Kahuna, has to take all the tough calls for both jumping (Long and Triple Jump) and throwing events (Shot Put, Discus and Javelin).

Being an Event Chief is not a huge commitment of time and really benefits the efficiency and enjoyment of the event for the athlete. Typically there are two field events requiring an Event Chief per Age Group each week. The role of Chief is best shared between volunteers.

The Chief should be located at to the side for judging a fair jump (no fouls). Raise a White Flag for a Fair jump or a Red Flag for a Foul jump.

With the help of the Measuring Assistant and the High Jump Assistant, the Event Chief makes the decision on how far a jump or a throw has been.


If the Event Chief is not an accredited Official recognised by the Club, they cannot verify a record has been broken. The Event Chief and the Age Manager should notify the Parent or the Athlete at the beginning of the event so that they can ensure a qualified Official is present to potentially verify any broken record that may take place.

A record in a jumping event (High Jump, Long Jump or Triple Jump) can be verified post jump. The Event however must be stopped so an accredited Official can check the height of the bar, the footprint on the board and the landing marks in the Pit. The Event Chief may be called upon to ascertain other relevant details with respect to the jump as per the Club Records Guidelines.

See similar roles including Recording Assistant, Measuring Assistantand High Jump Assistant.