Discus Crew

The Set-up and Pack-up of the Discus will take a single individual about 10 minutes to complete. The task only involves moving the Discus Trolley and the Tape Measure Trolley to the right location on the track and unloading/loading the necessary equipment (see below).

Ginninderra has 3 Discus Cages, two at the southern end of the oval (nearest the Toilet Block) and a third nearest the northern end (nearest the Netball Courts).

Discus Area 1 and Discus Area 3 are to be used by Senior Athletes (Under 13s and up) for safety reasons.

Under 6s and Under 7s due to the numbers in the Age Group will use “pop-up” circles painted on the ground by the Discus Crew. These temporary circles are to be located to the left of Discus Area 1 (near the soccer infield).

Each Discus Area should receive:

  • 1 tape measure;
  • 1 set of distance markers (no less than 13);
  • 1 cloth for drying the Discus;
  • the appropriate amount of Discus for that Area.

The Discus Trolley holds up to 36 discus and is very easy to manoeuvre.

Discus Cage Location
Pop-up Circle
Pop-up Circle in action