High Jump Crew

The Set-up and Pack-up of the High Jumps will take a single individual about 15-20 minutes to complete. The task only involves unpacking/packing the High Jump Trailers (dropped off by the Tow Bar Crew) at the right location on the field and setting up over the upright poles and connecting the mats together. The more volunteers assisting with the set-up and pack-up reduces the time by over 50%.

Ginninderra has 4 High Jump Areas, located on the inside of the track, between the 1500m and the 200m starting lines.

High Jump Area 1 and High Jump Area 2 are to be used by Junior Athletes (Under 8s to Under 10s) for scissor jumps only (safety reasons).

Each High Jump Area should receive:

  • 1 measuring stick;
  • 2 upright stands;
  • jumping bar;
High Jump Areas

Rock – Paper – High Jump & Scissors?

Many Hands make light work