Javelin Crew

The Set-up and Pack-up of the Javelins (including Turbo Javelin and Vortex) will take a single individual about 10 minutes to complete. The task only involves moving the Throwing Equipment and Measuring Equipment to the right location on the field (see below).

Ginninderra uses the Soccer field for Javelin as well as Turbo Javelin (modified plastic Javelins) and Vortex.

Javelin Area 1 is to be used by Senior Athletes (Under 11s and up) for safety reasons.

All younger athletes doing Turbo Jav and Vortex may use the Northern end of the Oval (nearest the Netball Courts).

Each Javelin Area should receive:

  • 1 tape measure;
  • 1 set of distance markers (no less than 13);
  • the appropriate amount of Javelin for that Area.
Javelin Area