Long Jump Crew

The Set-up and Pack-up of the Log Jump Pits will take a single individual about 15-20 minutes to complete. The task involves unpacking/packing the Long Jump Trailer (dropped off by the Tow Bar Crew) at the right location on the field and turning over the sand with a rake. The more volunteers assisting with the set-up and pack-up reduces the time by over 50%.

Ginninderra has 4 Jumping Pits all located at the southern end of the oval (nearest the Toilet Block).

Triple Jump Area 1 and Long Jump Area 3 are to be used by Senior Athletes (Under 13s and up) for safety reasons.

Under 6s and Under 7s due to the numbers in the Age Group can use “pop-up” approaches to Long Jump Areas 1 and 2 that will be painted on the ground by the Long Jump Crew. These temporary run-ups are to be located to the unused end of the Long Jump Pit.

Each Long Jump Area should receive:

  • 1 tape measure;
  • 1 rake;
  • 1 shovel;
  • 1 measuring spike;
  • 1 broom;
  • 1 witches hat;
  • two jumps mats (0.5m and 1m in width);
Rotary Hoe can be used to make light work of raking the pit
Long Jump Areas
How to start the Rotary Hoe – set the engine to On
How to start the Rotary Hoe – Add 2 Stroke Fuel, Cold Start, Press Primer