Shot Put Crew

The Set-up and Pack-up of the Shot Puts will take a single individual about 10 minutes to complete. The task only involves moving the Shot Put Trolley and the Tape Measure Trolley to the right location on the track and unloading/loading the necessary equipment (see below).

Ginninderra has 3 Shot Put Circles, all located at the northern end (nearest the Netball Courts).

Shot Put Area 1 and Shot Put Area 2 are to be used by Senior Athletes (Under 13s and up) for safety reasons.

Under 6s and Under 7s due to the numbers in the Age Group will use “pop-up” circles painted on the ground by the Shot Put Crew. These temporary circles are to be located to the left of Shot Put Area 3.

Each Shot Put Circle should receive:

  • 1 tape measure;
  • 1 set of distance markers (no less than 13);
  • 1 cloth for drying the Shot Put;
  • the appropriate amount of Shot Put for that Area.

The Shot Put Trolley is heavy duty with strong durable wheels and can hold up to 25 shot puts.

Note: two other Shot Put Circles can be found on the Soccer Field. Due to their location they are rarely used for Saturday morning competitions.

Shot Put Circles
Pop-up Circle