Tow Bar Crew

The connecting of Trailers and dropping them to the right location on the Field will take a single vehicle 15-20 minutes to complete. The Tow Bar Crew do not set-up event areas they simply drop off the right Trailer to those areas. The more vehicles assisting with the set-up and pack-up reduces the time by over 50%.

The Tow Bar Crew drive the following trailers to and from the Oval each Saturday:

  1. Hurdles Trailer;
  2. High Jump Trailers;
  3. Long Jump Trailer;
  4. Timing Gates Trailer;
  5. Speaker Trailer.

Other Crews will undertake the set-up of the items on the respective trailers.

The Tow Bar Crew should check the Speaker Trailer for fuel. Without fuel the Announcements and Music will not work.

Tow Bar Crew
Speaker Trailer