Team Manager

Each Saturday morning virtual Teams made up of no more than 8-10 athletes from an Age Group require a parent helper to assist the group get around to their nominated events in the correct order.

The typical Team Manager (Age Manager) is a parent volunteer and he/she doesn’t need any background knowledge in athletics but they do require a WWVP card if they do the role frequently.

The Team Manager is supported by people who know athletics including Club Captains, Junior Coaches, Club Coaches and the Committee.

The position can be shared between two or more people throughout the season.

The Team Manager is a hands-on role putting you in the middle of all the action so you can share in the enjoyment and motivation of our Little Athletes.

The Team Manager works with their team to fill gaps in volunteering at their respective events each day. The Team Manager is assisted by other parents in the team taking on the roles of:

  • raking or measuring the jumping pit or spotting throws;
  • being the Spiker at the end of the Long Jump pit;
  • keeping track of who crossed the line as a Place Judge;
  • keeping track of what is going on as the Event Chief;
  • helping to put up the height of the bar as a High Jump Assistant; and
  • simply writing down performances in throws and jumps as the Recording Assistant.

With 8 to 10 families in a team, finding other volunteers to take on the 3-4 roles above for 15-20 minutes to help each other’s children shouldn’t be an issue. These roles are best shared amongst each of the families. During registration families are asked to nominate a role that they’d like to volunteer over the season.


The Committee are always available to assist the novice Team Manager and there are plenty of old hands willing to share experience each Saturday.

Check out the Tips to being a Team Manager for all the nitty gritty on how to do the job well and for all the assistance required to get you started.

Check out the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at a Grass Track Athletics Meet (Little Aths) for more assistance.

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Tips for Team Managers