Tips for Team Managers

First thing – When you arrive on a Saturday

  • Wear your Age Vest
The coloured Age Manager Vest is designed so that an Athlete, Parent or Committee Member can easily find the age group. Please wear the vest. It is available in the Canteen.
  • Sign out your Age/Team Basket
When you arrive please sign the WWVP register, collect your team basket and put on your Age Vest.
  • Age Group Flags
Members of your team will arrive and wait for you at your Age Group Flag (located near the Canteen). Please arrive 10 minutes before the official start time to Check In your athletes.
  • What week is it?
Ginninderra Athletics operates a 3 Weekly Program of Events across the Grass Track Athletics Season. This is usually a combination of run – jump – throw events. Know your event order.

Age Groups must adhere to the order of the events provided. With over 110 individual events being managed each Saturday and over 400 athletes, the order of the events and how long they take can have an impact on other age groups.

Things to know – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contains event rules, measuring guidance, correct equipment sizes etc
  • Warm Up
Athletes in the younger Age Groups (3 to 8 years) will be lead through a pre-activity Warm Up by their allocated Junior Coach.

Older Athletes are encouraged to warm up appropriately before each event on the program. Coaches and Athlete Assists are available on a Saturday and at training to teach athletes how to warm up and cool down properly.

Athletes in the Under 12s and up are provided indicative start times in their Weekly Program to assist them to warm up and cool down between events.

  • Start Times – Indicative times
Athletes in the Under 12s and up are provided indicative start times in their Weekly Program to assist them to warm up and cool down between events. These start times indicate that the next event will not start before the allocated time. Start times may vary on any given day. due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Ask other parents to help you
You can’t manage on your own.
  • Be aware of age records
If an athlete breaks a record, call a Committee member immediately to verify, ie don’t rake the pit, don’t move the high jump bar, don’t move the throw peg, etc.

Club Records must be verified and witnessed by a qualified individual in order to be accepted as a record. It is in the interests of the Athlete and the whole Age Group that their Parents, Guardians, Team Mates, Team Manager or Coach notify the Committee immediately if they believe an attempt on a record is imminent. A suitably qualified and accredited Official can then be allocated to witness an attempt.

  • Always be at the finish line
Your athletes need to come to you at the end of the race
  • For laned events
Tell athletes to stay in their lanes and pick up a lane number.
  • For distance events
Make sure someone is handing out place numbers
  • Get your timing slip from the timer
Don’t make him/her come looking for you.
  • For 1500m events (walks & runs)
Keep track of when your athletes are finishing and tell the timekeeper. (Confusing when athletes lap others.)
  • Keep clear of the finishing line
The timer needs clear vision of who is finish the race.
  • Back up timing
If gates fail, a back up time will be in PLACE order, not lane order. So keep track of places if you can.
  • No Registration Number, no Time
Athletes must either be wearing their registration number or have the number on the back of their hand. If there is no number provided, there will be no performance recorded for that event for the individual concerned.
  • Open Events
Athletes in the Under 12s and up can also choose to enter “Open” age events if they are looking for additional chances to do their preferred run – jump – throw. Athletes must be eligible to compete for Ginninderra Athletics at an AACT event to take advantage of this opportunity.

Safety first

  • Be safe at throws
Keep athletes well clear of the thrower. Don’t hold onto Discus Cages or stand in front or take your eyes off Javelin throwers.
  • Be safe at jumps
Rake pit well for a soft landing. Make sure sand is damp to record imprint. Use the right sized mat for your age group.
  • Ask a Committee member
If still in doubt about anything (Adults in Ginninderra T-shirts)
  • First Aid
The Canteen has a well stocked freezer of ice packs and first aid gear. Ginninderra has a dedicated First Aid Officer on site on a Saturday morning – see the Canteen for details. If you see or observe something dangerous please advise the Committee immediately.

When in doubt – Contact a friend

  • Suggestions are always welcome
Complaints are not!  Everyone at the track is a volunteer.

Marshalling and Seeding

  • Seeding
Teens, Seniors and Masters athletes are encouraged to get to their next event 5 minutes before the indicative time in the Weekly Program.

This is especially important in Track Events where athletes will be seeded into Heats. Ginninderra’s Grass Track Athletics meets seed athletes (Under 12s and up) in track events to ensure that everyone is given a fair go.

This means that in any given event there can be a mix of boys, girls, men, women and age groups.

Athletes may self select their “seed time” during marshalling. It is very important that you choose the correct seed time to avoid disappointment. What you provide will determine which heat you will be allocated too.

Athletes in an Age Group may choose to participate with their friends and hence not provide a seed time.

Marshalling for the High Jump is also highly encouraged. Athletes achieve their best performances by not “over jumping”. Ginninderra Athletics asks that athletes in the Under 12s and up consider jumping at a High Jump area designated for their starting height.

Except for Open Events, all field events are conducted by Age Group (e.g. Under 13 Girls, Under 14 Boys, etc) and not mixed age or gender.

  • Line up in order at the circular track
Place your basket in line under the marshalling tent.
  • Hurdles run in strict age order
Heights must be adjusted for different age groups. Be on time.

Thanks for helping out.