A Spotter (sometimes called a Sector Judge) is only required for a throwing event like the Shot Put, Discus and Javelin (Turbo Jav and Vortex).

Being a Spotter is not a huge commitment of time and really benefits the efficiency and enjoyment of the event for the athlete. Typically there is only one throwing event per Age Group each week.

The Spotter’s role requires observing the landing of the device to determine the correct position to measure from. This may involve determining which of two place markers is furtherest away from the thrower.

An athlete should only have one place marker per event except where the difference between two markers can’t be easily determined by the Spotter.

The Spotter will only mark a throw if it lands within the sector boundary and is not a foul throw (as determined by the Event Chiefby holding up a white flag).

In the Javelin, a Spotter will also determine that the javelin has landed in the sector correctly. The javelin must strike the ground with the tip of the metal head first. It does not have to stick into the ground or leave a mark.

Throwing devices must land within the marked sector. On the sector line or outside the sector is a foul.

The Spotter should indicate to the Event Chief by raising a White Flag or a Red Flag for a Fair or Foul Throw.

For the safety of the Spotter, they should stand in a sensible position to avoid possible injury. The best location is to the side of the throwing sector, in a sensible position facing the thrower, and concentration is essential.

A Spotter does not require a WWVP Card.

See similar roles including Spiker and Measuring Assistant.