Place Judge

A Place Judge is only required for non-gated track events on the Circular Track (300m, 400m, 800m 1500m, Walks).

Being a Place Judge is not a huge commitment of time and really benefits the efficiency and enjoyment of the event for the athlete. Typically Place Judges only assist at one non-gated event per Age Group each week.

The Place Judge hands out to athletes as they cross the finish line a Card with their placing on it. These cards are used by the Recorder to determine who came where and match this against the times/places supplied by the Time Keeper.

For the safety of the Place Judge, they should stand in a sensible position at the finish line to avoid possible injury. The best location is alongside the timing gates, in a sensible position facing the athletes, and concentration is essential.

A regular Place Judge does not require a WWVP Card.

See similar roles including Starter and Time Keeper.