Time Keeper

A Time Keeper is only required for track events. Ginninderra doesn’t use stop watches but an electronic timing system developed by Timing Solutions.

Being a Time Keeper is not a huge commitment of time and really benefits the efficiency and enjoyment of the event for the athlete. Typically Time Keepers will do the events on only one of the designated Tracks at Ginninderra each morning. The role of Time Keeper can be easily shared amongst a few people every weekend.

When the Starter begins a race, the electronic timing system will automatically start as well. Only a system failure will require a manual trigger of the software (RaceHQ) by the Time Keeper.

For track/gated events run in lanes (50m, 70m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 60mH, 80mH, 90mH, 100mH, 200mH, 300mH) the Time Keeper only needs to finish a race if there is less than 8 competitors.

For track/non-gated events not run in lanes (300m, 800m, 1500m, walks) the Time Keeper will press the finish button as each athlete crosses the finish line. The Time Keeper is assisted by a Place Judgeto determine which athlete crossed when over the finish line.

The Time Keeper enters the details of the athletes into the software. RaceHQ automatically syncs the events and the performances to the online ResultsHQ.

Software FAQ and Video Tutorials

A Time Keeper does not require a WWVP Card.